Painless Divorce

Divorces are always painful, more so for the girl.

They involve at least three planes –

Firstly, The Pain of having offered oneself to a man whom She dislikes.

Secondly, the Pain of the suffering of Mind at the hands of an unfriendly spouse and in-laws.

Thirdly, the Pain inflicted by the Future in the form of Family Acceptance, Societal Understanding, Male Terrorism, Rearing of children and Livelihood.

Divorce, is primarily a mismatching of Egos, Preferences, Expectations.

Marriages made after matching of horoscopes, or mutual love fail alike. Before marriage, the opposite parties were focussing only on their desired traits. It is only after the marriage, the undesirable traits become visible.

Kanchipuram Mahaperiyava has offered a solution to these Dilemmas.
It is a fashion today to consummate the couple on the first day of marriage, making it a gaudy ritual. MahaPeriyavasays, as per sastras, MARRIAGES MUST BE CONSUMMATED ONLY After ONE YEAR.( i.e., The Groom should follow Samvatsara diksha or Brahmacharya) It is during this period that the couple can iron out differences. If not OK, they will part, making it a Painless Separation.

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10 thoughts on “Painless Divorce

    1. I liked the concept. So thought why not, others get sensitized about it. It is painful at least for me to see partners in unhealthy relationships bereft of true love.

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      1. Yes, So much of unhealthy relationships are seen around us nowadays. People really have been so much centered around ego, pride and judgement. There’s no trust left as it was before!

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    1. Ann, its good you opened your heart out in this forum.

      I am really pained to read your words.

      I pray God for your peace and guide you in taking the right decisions.

      Anger, Frustration, Guilt and other negative feelings will not allow you to think wisely and rightly.

      Release your mind from all thoughts and allow God to help you intuitively.

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