The Practice of Discipline

Discipline is to the mind as food is to the body. Think of a body (person) who has been starving or has not eaten good food. How would you picture him in your mind? Think of a person who hasn’t given food (discipline) to his mind? How would you picture him? Now, a unhealthy bodyContinue reading “The Practice of Discipline”

Saga of Iguanas

An iguana crossing the streetLooks up, scans, scurriesListensStops a little, TurnsAnd stills. A greener garden temptsA tastier prey invitesFears vanishEyes rotate and abet the desireTo risk the runRuns the riskPerpendicular to the machinery of life. Win or lose, life or death, glory across orA corpus flattened to earth…Under the rush and rollOf  blind tyres.No matter.Continue reading “Saga of Iguanas”

Invitation for a Long Night

DEATH, I wait for your embrace Come hug me tight and squeeze out the little spark running in my veins What has your foe, life offered me.. A lone throne of priceless thorns Sinking in slush, In the midst of a lush garden of flowers. Take me into your arms and sing the song ofContinue reading “Invitation for a Long Night”

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