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I am Excited

Hi friends,

Thanks to your awesome encouragement and comments. I just now uploaded my first publication in Amazon Kindle, titled INSIDE OUT :: A householder’s Sojourn.


A free edition is available from 13th to 17th November.

Please leave your reviews, ratings and comments and encourage.

It is priced Rs. 73 INR. All royalties from this book will go to NIVRITHI Education Trust to help poor students in education.


Published by Sang

I am a freelance writer. I write what comes to my mind.

20 thoughts on “I am Excited

    1. Thanks hema. I am thankfuk to you and friends in wp, bcoz of which i coukd do this in less than a day.

      Please leave your reviews and ratings without fail.


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      1. Sure … Sir am still awestruck … ppl write to earn .., some to make their lives more lavish .., u write to enlighten other’s life .!! I will surely post my review n rating

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