I, the River

I, the river, always flowing

Running, jumping and rolling

I have a mouth

That i cannot shut or cry aloud

I have no legs

Yet I can move the fastest

I have no hands

Yet I can carry stones and gravel

I have two banks

But I do not keep any money in them

I always lie on my bed

But I never sleep

I Always keep working

And that is the secret of my energy.


Give a smile

Walk a mile

Be full of humour

Never carry a rumour

Harm not your brethren

Nor an animal, even a hen

Help the needy

Condemn the greedy

Never be late

Sacrifice for the state.

I am Excited

Hi friends,

Thanks to your awesome encouragement and comments. I just now uploaded my first publication in Amazon Kindle, titled INSIDE OUT :: A householder’s Sojourn.


A free edition is available from 13th to 17th November.

Please leave your reviews, ratings and comments and encourage.

It is priced Rs. 73 INR. All royalties from this book will go to NIVRITHI Education Trust to help poor students in education.

The Light of Life

Come on , wake up

Your box is full

Squander your riches –

Fruits of your Ego.

Make room

For the fragrance of  love

To fill the box.

Make room

For the light of God

To glow in the halo.

Chastise it, shine it
Glorify it.

After all the hard work

After all the praise

After all the fun

It is his loving embrace

It is his soulful  hug

That enriches


Only Nothing is Great

Life comes from nothing

Where from came the grass after the rains
Where from the frogs croaking from the wet earth

Where from Snails carrying their homes drift with their  succulent antennas
Where from the ants swarm around jaggery

What attracts, how and from where?

What draws the moths to the light of electrons in the lamps!
Who put the frogs in lakes on hill slopes
And fishes into new rivers?

The seed of life
No one has seen
Enter the womb
It came from nothing

No one saw the invisible hand
That sowed the pollen
No one saw who put the honey
In the pistil

Life came from nothing
The seeds no one has seen
Or has known

We come, We grow, We go
Like the grass that grows
On the wet soil

We are born from nothing
We die into nothing.
Yet Life is Something.

Life of a Leaf

The moment I am born
To the moment of my fall,
Green,then yellow to brown,
Melody to Melancholy
I grow..
by the sun

Butchered –
by a lazy hand
Grabs, for no reason, tears
Shreds to pieces.

A dumb and hungry mouth
Pulls, bites, chews

Grappling with the winds
Soiled and soaked in rain
I shrivel, wither, lose my green
Lose my taste, I fall
With the weight of time.

The poet that praised me
When decked in dew
Praises my fall, the fallen me

Every foot crushes my soul
Under its sole,
Deaf to my cry
Call it a musical rustle.

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