I cannot Wait

I cannot wait
The finish line is my bait
I cannot wait on the shore
For the fish to fall in my store.

I place the milk on the stove
I cannot wait till it surges above
And sputters havoc

I plant the sapling
I cannot wait
Till it flowers and fruits
I water it, water it
Only my will is watered
The cells hurry not to the sun

I get a pain, I am sick
In the physician’s cabin,
Its hell to wait for my turn
In minutes, he scans, scribbles

The pill, I take
I cannot wait till it dissolves
In my blood and cures my ail

I am impatient.. competing with Time
Faster than the earth..
And burdened..

I start a work
I cannot wait
All the journey
And snooze my goals

I take many roads, all roads
Till I am finished
My work isn’t.

I cannot sleep over
I cannot wait,
And scatter my patience
hither and thither

Ye master of time
Wait upon me
My tasks unfinished
And my youth is yet

The more I hurry up
The faster you scamper..
Faster my chase, swifter your gallop
If I slump, you sleep

I will relax
Come, walk with me
Together tranquil

Shades of Happiness

I walk in shade under the umbrella
My sides are not spared by the sun
And my arms stiffen holding the staff

I rejoice in the shade of the
Dark wet heavy clouds
Laden with the nectar of life
But the winds move it away

I am safe under the shade
Of the roof of the hut
But I must move out

I rest in the shade of the tree
Richly green, live with flowers
The foliage alters with season

Only the shade that is deep
Shade that lasts longer
A shade that is certain
The shade of the night sky.

Happiness like the shade is fleeting
Ultimate happiness is union with god.

Praying Mantis

I saw you this morning
In a flash of light
I would have crushed you under my careless feet
A beautiful green leaf
Unswayed by the breeze
Stupefied in penance

On a seat of four legs
Robotic hands joined in grace
A Geometric marvel of timeless
Patience, beauty & grace

What are you praying for?
Where is your prey?
What is your purpose?
What’s your message to Man?

No Love Left

There is no love left
To oil the wheels of life
There is no love left
To absorb the shocks of our journey
There is no love left
To simmer the hurts
There is no love left
To spring back to life
There is no love left
To blow away the sins
There is no love left
To water down the sediments
There is no love left
That’s pristine,
Love homogenized with gloom.

When things don’t happen your way

When things don’t happen the way
You want them to move
Ego, sitting on his throne,
hurls the stone
And spreads The ripples of hurt
Anger surges from the womb of expectation
The entire image of the world underneath
Quakes, shivers, loses boundaries

Anger is weakness. Anger is unworthy of a man
It simmers, flattens, compressed and unexpressed, fossilized
At some innocuous pinhole, violence clouds the sky.

Ego is god’s perfect work,
And so it crowns by default
The epicenter of the galaxy
Repels, rebels
becomes the octopus that spits
ferocious ink on fragrant advice.

It knows all, except itself
That its the grain of sand
On the beaches of universe.

No pestle can crush the seed of anger
No axe can cut down the tree of violence,
So long the soil of Ego
is wet and alive.

To vanquish your anguish
Vanquish your Ego.

Zealous or Jealous

This is a world of competition.

Whenever we come across someone who is better than us in our field of activity,

We either get jealous or get inspired.

The type of reaction reveals our inner strength.

If we feel low about ourselves, we get jealous.

If we are calm on the inside and our level of confidence is optimum we get inspired.

When we get jealous, we want to degrade the other person. In the transaction, we lose our peace of mind.

When we get inspired, we outperform ourselves, and earn respect.

Choose to be zealous, not jealous.

Saga of Iguanas

An iguana crossing the street
Looks up, scans, scurries
Stops a little, Turns
And stills.

A greener garden tempts
A tastier prey invites
Fears vanish
Eyes rotate and abet the desire
To risk the run
Runs the risk
Perpendicular to the machinery of life.

Win or lose, life or death, glory across or
A corpus flattened to earth…
Under the rush and roll
Of  blind tyres.
No matter. Iguanas scuttle. For goals
Alcross the street.

One Amongst You

I am one amongst you.

I donot need a certificate of purity
I dont need a cloak of honour
I don’t mean to defend myself, my virtues
Or attempt to dress my shadows in colors

You neither need Fall at my feet
Or thrust the Dagger in my heart

I am as good as you
And as evil too..
I am as human as you
I need no mask to cover
I need no pedestal to stand

Do not decorate me with flowers
Nor beat me with stones
There is nothing exclusively mine
I am another leaf in the storm.

Invitation for a Long Night

DEATH, I wait for your embrace

Come hug me tight and squeeze out the little spark running in my veins

What has your foe, life
offered me..
A lone throne of priceless thorns
Sinking in slush,
In the midst of a lush garden
of flowers.

Take me into your arms and sing the song of peace…
Dissolve me in your graves and break my bonds
A few or more tears for one or more reasons, from some or many eyes
And they, dropping on the plate of life would seal the gaps
As life springs new strings, recreate bonds and carry on for its clan.

In all the darkness of the world, I rush to hold your palms
Unload this heavy heart and silence the tremble
In one stroke, erase the scribble of God on the slate of life.

My dear angel of DEATH,
Snoop down from your high skies
This fruit is ripe to be plucked
Skinned and reclothed
Throw me anew on
A new sheet of grass
And a slice of sky for my roof.

I am no coward
To drop my guns and run away
Its just that I am ready to dissolve
And start a fresh leaf.

Death, yours is the pleasure
In inflicting pain
Yours is the pleasure in
Sorting & stripping
Take me as your offering
For tonight.

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