The Light of Life

Come on , wake up

Your box is full

Squander your riches –

Fruits of your Ego.

Make room

For the fragrance of  love

To fill the box.

Make room

For the light of God

To glow in the halo.

Chastise it, shine it
Glorify it.

After all the hard work

After all the praise

After all the fun

It is his loving embrace

It is his soulful  hug

That enriches



Thank You All my 101 following friends.

I am really excited and glad to be your friend.

I am reading all your posts with the linited time availabke to me and I am gaining greater insights.

Your comments to my post are so constructive I am able to improve myself consistently.

Looking forwards to a greater and grander tomorrow everyday.

Only Nothing is Great

Life comes from nothing

Where from came the grass after the rains
Where from the frogs croaking from the wet earth

Where from Snails carrying their homes drift with theirĀ  succulent antennas
Where from the ants swarm around jaggery

What attracts, how and from where?

What draws the moths to the light of electrons in the lamps!
Who put the frogs in lakes on hill slopes
And fishes into new rivers?

The seed of life
No one has seen
Enter the womb
It came from nothing

No one saw the invisible hand
That sowed the pollen
No one saw who put the honey
In the pistil

Life came from nothing
The seeds no one has seen
Or has known

We come, We grow, We go
Like the grass that grows
On the wet soil

We are born from nothing
We die into nothing.
Yet Life is Something.

Life of a Leaf

The moment I am born
To the moment of my fall,
Green,then yellow to brown,
Melody to Melancholy
I grow..
by the sun

Butchered –
by a lazy hand
Grabs, for no reason, tears
Shreds to pieces.

A dumb and hungry mouth
Pulls, bites, chews

Grappling with the winds
Soiled and soaked in rain
I shrivel, wither, lose my green
Lose my taste, I fall
With the weight of time.

The poet that praised me
When decked in dew
Praises my fall, the fallen me

Every foot crushes my soul
Under its sole,
Deaf to my cry
Call it a musical rustle.


Fate is great

She knows no date

She may pack you to hell

Or keep you a hundred years well

She can maroon you in a spate

Can bring you to success’s gate

She can buy you fame

Or put you to shame

She can make you a genius

Or make your deeds odious

She can make you a crook

And bring you to book

When you toil and toil

For victory-sweet

From behind her veil,

She might, with failures greet.

Itch – Scratch

First, there was an itch
Then followed the scratch

A mild one, to start
An anxious later, a frustrated final

The epidermis eroded, failed in duty
The ulcer deepens, widens

The gape is in the leg, where
visitors’ eyes seldom reach

The blanket of life’s everyday chore
Masks the pain of the sore

Laziness fuels, neglect pervades
Till fear deepens…

A stampede of tests .. a boxful of drugs..
Dressings.. prayers..
The long nightmare
Left with scars and regret..

What caused this war?
The itch or the scratch.

Our Togetherness

Our togetherness is not the togetherness of our thoracic and pelvic cages
I stand with the vault of my skull as the begging bowl
Pour me the nectar
That glues my grey cells to yours.

Let the electrical discharges from your neurons
Synchronise with those of mine.

Our togetherness, Our union shall not be measured in space between us  and time spent together.

It is our union
When the dendrites and axons
Of your neurons
Hug the dendrites and axons of mine.

It is our union
When the red ball of morning fire
Throws the same color of light
Into our hearts.

The Secrets

My dear genie,

Celebrate the 16 years, Revel on the Best moments

Sweetly welcome the 17th
Remember the Best lessons
Of the Past

Resolve to unlock the treasures
of tomorrow
And here are a few secrets

The secret key to Happiness
Is To Accept and
Never Expect

The secret of success
is to Focus
on your strengths

The secret of Peace
Is to live
in the moment

The Secret of Fame
Is to lead
More than win

The Secret of Richness
Is to work, is to give,
not hoard

When you are praised,
Be humble like the flowers, they fall from head to toe.

When they hurl stones
Be the solid rock,
not the fragile glass.

Be the rock,
always dry on the shores
Be the mountain
that braves winds

This car of life is to be
Driven by oneself
Don’t wait for others
To push
Don’t allow others
To slow or stop.
Be your energy yourself.
Be Yourself.

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