My Gift to You

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What shall I gift You?
I look into the yonder sky
The stars, too far
The sun, too hot
The moon is bright, cool,
Nevertheless far.

Whatever on earth that I can get
You can wear it or it wears in time
Or you can eat, its lost in taste
Or can be seen,  heard or touched
Decked in dusty shelves..

My real gift to you
Indispensable in time, my soul.

The smile in your eyes,
Cooler than moonlight.

The energy in your touch
Hotter than the sun

The love we hold, deeper
Than the stars in space.

The care in your fear
Love’s armour..

You are the youth
In the evening of my life.

My gift to you, myself
My love, my soul…

Leave me Free

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Leave me like the tree in the wild,
Free To expand with
the fingers of the Sun..

Me drink from the clouds,
Don’t struggle to water me…

Don’t prune my branches
To Fit snugly into your mind’s Eye-
I am no potted shoot in your garden..

Don’t shoo the birds
Or break their nests..
They rob me,never,  of my space
In earth, the Air or the Sky..
They fill my Soul with their
Musical chirp…

Leave me like the tree in wild
Free to expand.

Ye command me not
With an eye on my fruits

You shall wait till
I offer them ripe

Leave me Free
For when I am done
I am still yours

Leave me Free
And Rest in my Shade..

I am rooted in you,
My roots hold me to you
And you to me..

Fear Not for Winds
that might blow me down
Or lightning strike my soul..

Leave me free

And rest in my shade.


This poem expresses a cry for freedom in a relationship, and identified with that of a tree..

In this poem ‘ Leave me Free’

The tree symbolizes a householder tied down by the fears ( wind, lightning), fancies (pruned to look good),
care (watering), possessiveness (shoos birds,breaks nests) etc. of his partner.

He tries to exchange freedom with his fruits (earnings), clouds (social network),
Shade (security) still yours (insurance).

He argues that the grant of freedom strengthens their relationship (roots and shoots).

The Everyday Journey

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The PAST in the Earth Under,

The Future in the Sky Yonder

In Between,

the Unbridled Mind Wanders,

the Unbridled Mind Wonders,

While the Enslaved Spirit

Yearns to Surrender.



Our lives in the past has passed in time under our feet,  so it is under earth.

Our future lives can be imagined, created and visualized. But it has to be achieved in time.. So its like the far sky.

In between :: Between our Past & Future, is our Present Day…Today.. Everyday.. that comes from future and falls under our feet as past.

The unbridled mind ( Mind that has not been, cannot be controlled)


The enslaved spirit ( The spirit or atma is dormant coz of the pains and pleasures of life)

Yearns (deeply desires..)
For Surrender ( freedom and unity with God)

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