Itch – Scratch

First, there was an itchThen followed the scratch A mild one, to startAn anxious later, a frustrated final The epidermis eroded, failed in dutyThe ulcer deepens, widens The gape is in the leg, wherevisitors’ eyes seldom reach The blanket of life’s everyday choreMasks the pain of the sore Laziness fuels, neglect pervadesTill fear deepens… AContinue reading “Itch – Scratch”

Our Togetherness

Our togetherness is not the togetherness of our thoracic and pelvic cagesI stand with the vault of my skull as the begging bowlPour me the nectarThat glues my grey cells to yours. Let the electrical discharges from your neuronsSynchronise with those of mine. Our togetherness, Our union shall not be measured in space between us Continue reading “Our Togetherness”

Prisoner of Love

Dear blogger friends, please give your honest comments. Thank You. In the fortress of your love,I am a prisonerYou hold me with love, likeWater holds the wings of the birdLike Shade holds the little saplingFreezing in Time.. Your love gives me freedomInside the cage you lock me in ..Inside the cage of your values,Inside theContinue reading “Prisoner of Love”

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