The moon spills light, but its cold
You are with me, but I am still lonely
I have no intent to live with you
Nor the courage to be alone
What greater punishment
For being sincere, for bearing kids
And bearing your sins
Than to live together
And Feign harmony?

What greater injustice than
To accept the unacceptable
What cruelty it is
To retain me and yet reject
To touch another woman
And profess hate for her.

Your past strangles me
I cannot believe you
I cannot trust your promise
I cannot trust your weakness
For women

Try as I might
I cannot pardon you
The illusion of love
You made me believe
The riches, your gifts
Stone heavy on my bosom
The memories of our togetherness
Mere ghosts, haunts my peace..

I drank the sweet poison
You served
What a fool I was
My tastes were numb,
It didn’t suspect your menu
My eyes blind in faith
Didn’t notice the darkness in your eyes

I had a fear for change
A fear for life
I had a content, a comfort
I had a faith
That you will not let me go

You praised my beauty, my voice
My food, my work, my talents
You Fulfilled my wants, gave me

All these you gave me
In exchange for your betrayal.

Today, you talk about intersecting thoughts, poles apart goals
To shield your cruelty
You talk about the hues of love
Your sacrifices, your buried passions
Inevitable Fate.

Your words can’t wipe my tears
Your promises don’t lift my smiles

Why should I suffer
You have no answer
I have no reason..

Smothering like charcoal
No smoke, No fire, No light
Burning within, wrapped in soot

My broken heart
Your broken morals
Time cannot mend.

Why should I be alone
I have duties to finish
And run for my kids
Till the last drop of grease
Dries in the wheels of life.

I don’t need your love
But, please don’t blame me
I don’t grieve for you
You are another character
In passing
Just as I am to you.

Published by Sang

I am a freelance writer. I write what comes to my mind.

21 thoughts on “Infidelity

  1. To love and know you can never be loved back in the way you want,
    in the way you love,
    To not be able to accept the betrayal,
    Is it a punishment to oneself or to the unfaithful?
    To retain but not forgive the wrong,
    Both end up living tortured lives
    One not able to forget their mistake
    The other not able to forgive it
    Living together is like
    Wearing an expensive piece of cloth
    Torn at parts, but well hidden from everyone
    Looks grand, looks great,
    Only the wearer knows the tears!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks Anna. Its more fiction based on a true story.

      I get to here many stories in my clinic. Because I believe that the body responds to Medicine only when the mind is liberated from sorrow and suspicion. I always allow my stressed patients to ventilate.

      Its a good link you have sent me. I shall visit it and learn from it.

      Thanks once again.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I commend you for your approach. It undoubtedly does your patients good. Unfortunately, there are few physicians these days who treat their patients as a whole, taking the mind-body interface into account. Instead, the focus seems to be on individual body parts — almost as if those were separate from the individual.

    Liked by 1 person

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