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Our Togetherness

Our togetherness is not the togetherness of our thoracic and pelvic cages
I stand with the vault of my skull as the begging bowl
Pour me the nectar
That glues my grey cells to yours.

Let the electrical discharges from your neurons
Synchronise with those of mine.

Our togetherness, Our union shall not be measured in space between us  and time spent together.

It is our union
When the dendrites and axons
Of your neurons
Hug the dendrites and axons of mine.

It is our union
When the red ball of morning fire
Throws the same color of light
Into our hearts.


Published by Sang

I am a freelance writer. I write what comes to my mind.

13 thoughts on “Our Togetherness

    1. Tx hema. These verses are vetter understood by people who have basic knowledge of human biology terms.

      I am happy, hema, you could relate it to your subject at an apt time.


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