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Itch – Scratch

First, there was an itch
Then followed the scratch

A mild one, to start
An anxious later, a frustrated final

The epidermis eroded, failed in duty
The ulcer deepens, widens

The gape is in the leg, where
visitors’ eyes seldom reach

The blanket of life’s everyday chore
Masks the pain of the sore

Laziness fuels, neglect pervades
Till fear deepens…

A stampede of tests .. a boxful of drugs..
Dressings.. prayers..
The long nightmare
Left with scars and regret..

What caused this war?
The itch or the scratch.


Published by Sang

I am a freelance writer. I write what comes to my mind.

11 thoughts on “Itch – Scratch

    1. You are right.πŸ™

      But on a deeper understanding, its the scratch.

      Extrapolating it to our day to day infighting, it is our Reactions to situations that flare up our problems than the problem itself.

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