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The Secrets

My dear genie,

Celebrate the 16 years, Revel on the Best moments

Sweetly welcome the 17th
Remember the Best lessons
Of the Past

Resolve to unlock the treasures
of tomorrow
And here are a few secrets

The secret key to Happiness
Is To Accept and
Never Expect

The secret of success
is to Focus
on your strengths

The secret of Peace
Is to live
in the moment

The Secret of Fame
Is to lead
More than win

The Secret of Richness
Is to work, is to give,
not hoard

When you are praised,
Be humble like the flowers, they fall from head to toe.

When they hurl stones
Be the solid rock,
not the fragile glass.

Be the rock,
always dry on the shores
Be the mountain
that braves winds

This car of life is to be
Driven by oneself
Don’t wait for others
To push
Don’t allow others
To slow or stop.
Be your energy yourself.
Be Yourself.


Published by Sang

I am a freelance writer. I write what comes to my mind.

8 thoughts on “The Secrets

    1. You are right Joanna.

      The secrets are not really secrets.

      Time and again, they have been told and retold.

      Yet, they have remained secrets because only very few are able to realise the essence of the secret.

      Your comment on original can be interpreted as “I perceived and understood the primeval teachings in my own words”

      Thanks very much for your beautiful comments. I loved it.


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