Give a smile Walk a mile Be full of humour Never carry a rumour Harm not your brethren Nor an animal, even a hen Help the needy Condemn the greedy Never be late Sacrifice for the state.

Zealous or Jealous

This is a world of competition. Whenever we come across someone who is better than us in our field of activity, We either get jealous or get inspired. The type of reaction reveals our inner strength. If we feel low about ourselves, we get jealous. If we are calm on the inside and our levelContinue reading “Zealous or Jealous”

Prisoner of Love

Dear blogger friends, please give your honest comments. Thank You. In the fortress of your love,I am a prisonerYou hold me with love, likeWater holds the wings of the birdLike Shade holds the little saplingFreezing in Time.. Your love gives me freedomInside the cage you lock me in ..Inside the cage of your values,Inside theContinue reading “Prisoner of Love”

Self-Discipline, A Certain Way to Confidence

What gives us confidence? Success What gives us success? Confidence Success and Confidence run in a cycle. But how and where do we enter into this. Our successes in life give us confidence, give us pleasure, more pleasure when it is validated and appreciated by everyone else. When it doesn’t get the desired response, itContinue reading “Self-Discipline, A Certain Way to Confidence”

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