Give a smile

Walk a mile

Be full of humour

Never carry a rumour

Harm not your brethren

Nor an animal, even a hen

Help the needy

Condemn the greedy

Never be late

Sacrifice for the state.

  • Woe, Owe and Vow
    Umpteen timesHave I been foodAnd at times preyTo a man’s hunger,Now who is your father. Once in a month, three daysMy womb weptTears of bloodTill the day you sprouted And I graduated fromA private shame to aPublic honour. Not as easy as a fruit that can be pluckedNot as easy as an egg to layContinue reading “Woe, Owe and Vow”
  • Yet We Cannot
    The Sky appears just above our heads So nearer to be caught Yet, no length of hand can grab The ocean waters, vast and vast But a thirsty mouth can’t sip some in The Air is all around us Yet, you can’t hold it in your palms Nor seal it in the lung The mindContinue reading “Yet We Cannot”
  • Longings
    I feel her as I feel A misty breeze Fresh, inspiring From her locks, the red rose smiles Like her overwhelmed lips In the infinite web of her thought An adventurer, I was trapped Once busy life, now empty Once empty heart, now full Longs for a smile Longs for love No longer – AContinue reading “Longings”
  • Dental Formula – Kitchen
    Friends, Trust you have heard about dental formula The human dental formla is 2 1 2 3 I.e., 2 incisors 1 canine 2 premolars 3 molars This is for one half jaw. The totaal for 4 half jaws, (2 upper and 2 lower) is 32. The image i have posted are the seeds of variousContinue reading “Dental Formula – Kitchen”
  • Book Abuse
    Books without covers Are like trees without flowers So, cover your books and keep them neat Pleasant to read, keep them sweet This is what I earnestly plead Let not a book’s corners bleed.

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I am a freelance writer. I write what comes to my mind.

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