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I feel her as I feel

A misty breeze

Fresh, inspiring

From her locks, the red rose smiles

Like her overwhelmed lips

In the infinite web of her thought

An adventurer, I was trapped

Once busy life, now empty

Once empty heart, now full

Longs for a smile

Longs for love

No longer

– A poem reopened nearly 25 years after. Written in infatuation.


Published by Sang

I am a freelance writer. I write what comes to my mind.

12 thoughts on “Longings

  1. Oh my… what a beautiful poem…

    this line: “From her locks, the red rose smiles” — wow. πŸ™πŸ™Œ

    and now I feel funny that I just put a red rose emoji in my comment reply to you on my own site haha… in hopes of not freaking you out, I assure you it is coincidence… (seriously though :))

    Such lovely lines in the poem… but if I may give honest feedback, the image with it, of a very, very young girl, seems a bit strange perhaps…. but maybe you were her age, when you wrote the poem, if it was 25 years ago?

    Anyway, beautiful words, Sang. Bravo

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    1. Thanks very much Lia…

      It was written about 25 years ago..

      I love honest feedbacks..

      Did you notice that the rose’s smile is likened to her overwhelmed lips.

      There is a hidden longing inside the poem.. that of wanting to be appreciated.. at that age.. which is now fulfilled “Oh my… what a beautiful poem…


      1. I have a feeling I misunderstood it perhaps… I imagined the rose in your muse’s hair. And I imagined a lady your age… which makes the image seem incongruous in more ways than one. I was tired and it was a long day already by that time. I guess we all interpret things in different ways depending on the lens of the hour…

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