Yet We Cannot

The Sky appears just above our heads

So nearer to be caught

Yet, no length of hand can grab

The ocean waters, vast and vast

But a thirsty mouth can’t sip some in

The Air is all around us

Yet, you can’t hold it in your palms

Nor seal it in the lung

The mind is one with the body

Still it is out of control

Opportunities abound

Still success is only a chance

And happiness is fleeting.

Published by Sang

I am a freelance writer. I write what comes to my mind.

18 thoughts on “Yet We Cannot

    1. That’s lovely.

      Glad to know that a few of us have tried to do that.

      Me too remember having tied two sticks end to end and tried to touch the sky from the top of the room in the terrace.

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  1. Such a lovely poem, Sang. Everything seems to be like at the reach of your hand but as nearer you go, the farther they seem to move. And as you said success is only a chance but with hard work and will, may be in bits and parts but it does come to you.

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