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I cannot Wait

I cannot wait
The finish line is my bait
I cannot wait on the shore
For the fish to fall in my store.

I place the milk on the stove
I cannot wait till it surges above
And sputters havoc

I plant the sapling
I cannot wait
Till it flowers and fruits
I water it, water it
Only my will is watered
The cells hurry not to the sun

I get a pain, I am sick
In the physician’s cabin,
Its hell to wait for my turn
In minutes, he scans, scribbles

The pill, I take
I cannot wait till it dissolves
In my blood and cures my ail

I am impatient.. competing with Time
Faster than the earth..
And burdened..

I start a work
I cannot wait
All the journey
And snooze my goals

I take many roads, all roads
Till I am finished
My work isn’t.

I cannot sleep over
I cannot wait,
And scatter my patience
hither and thither

Ye master of time
Wait upon me
My tasks unfinished
And my youth is yet

The more I hurry up
The faster you scamper..
Faster my chase, swifter your gallop
If I slump, you sleep

I will relax
Come, walk with me
Together tranquil


Published by Sang

I am a freelance writer. I write what comes to my mind.

13 thoughts on “I cannot Wait

  1. Your writing style is something I admire. I especially loved these lines,
    ‘I water it, water it
    Only my will is watered
    The cells hurry not to the sun’ and the last two paragraphs πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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