The Practice of Discipline

Discipline is to the mind as food is to the body.

Think of a body (person) who has been starving or has not eaten good food. How would you picture him in your mind?

Think of a person who hasn’t given food (discipline) to his mind? How would you picture him?

Now, a unhealthy body is weak. Cannot perform an expected physical work. It tires easily. Similarly, Can an undisciplined mind be expected to succeed and be at peace with oneself?

Just as a body becomes weak. and tires easily
without proper food,

A life without discipline
becomes bleak. and unsuccessful.

Discipline is hard to look at. Difficult to understand. But once initiated, there’s nothing like it.

Discipline cannot be understood without its counterpart, indiscipline. DISCIPLINE is orderliness. INDISCIPLINE is chaos. DISCIPLINE is a tool, a weapon of the brave and successful. Indiscipline is self destructive.

Can you think of an army without discipline? What would happen in the event of a war if the soldiers are not in discipline?

Can you imagine a road where there is no discipline?What would happen if everyone followed their own rules?

Can you think of the school or college where there is no discipline? Would you admit your child in such an institution?Can students learn or teachers teach in such atmosphere?

Think of the discipline in the Universe. Of the galaxies, the sun and its planets and satellites. Think of the huge water bodies and the all pervading atmosphere. Think of the discipline in nature, in the flight of birds, in the four seasons through summer to winter, in the arrangement of petals in flowers, leaves on the shoots or the seeds in a fruit. Everything follows the Law of Physics or Chemistry. Every biological creature follows the rule of discipline. Except one, the mind of man.

Discipline creates an expected outcome. It increases the mental strength. Even in the face of an unexpected situation, it creates mental flexibility and endurance.

Having read about Discipline & Indiscipline, clearly now you will be willing to vote for Discipline.

Now think of your own level of self-discipline. Where am I lacking? How can I create a level of Discipline that is going to elevate my present status of health, peace, success and happiness? What present activities are hindering my success and discipline.

Check if any of these descriptions fit you. If they do, then you need to discipline yourself.

Not interested in life. Finds faults with and belittles everyone. Is mostly lazy. Postpones things. Dresses shabbily. Speaks hurt or hate. Who has no work to do, but Is always busy. He has no goals or has vague goals. He stops at every failure and never achieves anything. There is no orderliness in his belongings or thoughts. There is lack of cleanliness. He smokes. He drinks. He doesn’t want to change, but expects perfection and change in everything around him. He spends too much time on non-value adding social media, games, entertainment.The indisciplined are irresponsible. Are You?

Start from simple daily living. There is a discipline for our food. A discipline for our bowels. A discipline for our physical work outs. A discipline for our clothes. A discipline for our rooms. A discipline for our machines. A discipline for waste generation, disposal and recycling. A discipline for our finances. A discipline for our time .

The list seems exhaustive. But all these are inter related. And you cannot do away with discipline in any sphere of your life. Discipline has its origins in the mind. There is only one boss. One leader. All other functions are disciples of the Mind. So, though the list is exhaustive and expansible, the control is one single switch called mind.

Discipline can be understood as work -time relationship. Quality work in quality time in regular frequency. You can also label it as “Right work in right time with right frequency”.

Examples :: A student vows to get up at 5am daily and spend 2 hours in deep study.

A sportsman dedicates himself to practice his skills 2 hours everyday.

Generally, getting up early is a pain. We tend to snooze our alarms. But when we have decided to get up we really need no alarm. The alarm is in the brain. Suppose you are traveling in a train and have to get down at an in between station past midnight or early dawn, you are able to get up without an alarm. Similarly, if you have planned to go for a picnic, children can get up without alarm. This means, the alarm is in the mind, not in the clock.

Discipline is in the mind. It cannot be enforced or ensured from an outside agency.

Proper Discipline makes an average student into a brilliant academician and teacher.

A ordinary sportsman into an extraordinary sports hero.

A proper financial discipline makes the poorest man, the richest.

A farmer who desires a greater yield from his fields, will not only focus on his crops, but also work to remove the weeds and pests. So also, Discipline is not only art of cultivating good practices but also weeding out the bad and inessential.

Discipline is not to be confused with curtailment of freedom. Rather it is the freedom and courage to make wise decisions. Discipline is to fly with grace. Indiscipline is to sail with the wind.

Cultivate Discipline. Reap a rich harvest of Peace, Prosperity & Happiness.

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13 thoughts on “The Practice of Discipline

  1. Great post! Important to remember: “Discipline can be understood as work -time relationship. Quality work in quality time in regular frequency. You can also label it as “Right work in right time with right frequency”’. Everything you said makes a lot of sense here. This post is helpful to everyone. I’ll have to keep it mind.

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  2. Excellent treaty on what it used to be thought in home, school, and the army. The mind is still not very well understood. I use to be delighted by my ‘party trick’ – saying to myself when getting into bed: ‘I must get up tomorrow at six’, or whatever time I needed. It worked every time without fail. Magic?


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    1. I am extremely glad Joanna, you have experienced this mental commands personally.

      Not only for waking up, mental commands can achieve many wonderful things.

      That’s why probably counsellors, psychiatrists use the principle of affirmations.

      Have a great time.


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